Research & Intelligence

There’s only one way to be successful in an industry and that’s to listen to it, and when it comes to the maritime and shipping market Futurenautics Research has its ear firmly to the ground.

Recognised for leading-edge data and interpretation and strategic insight we occupy a unique position, working both independently and in association with major industry partners.

We undertake studies to address gaps in understanding, identify trends and quantify risks and opportunities for shipping and maritime companies, seafarers and stakeholders, and those seeking to enter or evaluate the sector.

For more information about the major independent industry surveys we undertake please get in touch.

What we do

A combination of knowledge, strong relationships and unparalleled market insight contribute to a rolling programme of in-depth, high-quality maritime market research which regularly produces ground-breaking studies and results against which the industry benchmarks itself.

In addition to producing a variety of market research and insight reports Futurenautics Research also work with individual clients in a strategic capacity at board level, using expertise in maritime customers, stakeholders and markets, and crucial technological, economic and regulatory situation.

Futurenautics Research regularly works with companies and investors considering entering the maritime market, and/or acquiring maritime businesses, providing strategic marketing input to business cases and funding proposals alongside corporate finance and other professionals.

Commissioned Research

Futurenautics Research has been responsible for ground-breaking, in-depth surveys within the commercial maritime market both independently and on behalf of major companies and brands. From major quantitative studies to small, highly qualitative, board-level sample surveys we partner with clients to deliver both research where we have identified a need, and also to client’s own specification.

Access to strategically valuable market insight and intelligence is of primary importance for clients who use our data to frame product development, market plays and brand and messaging development. For many the data we provide is considered too valuable to publish, but for those who choose to share some of the insights in the public domain the benefits of being associated with these market surveys is considerable.

These primary benefits are further enhanced by the integrated content opportunities afforded by the wider Futurenautics platform, where editorially applicable. A study by Futurenautics Research helps to cement thought-leadership reputations, deliver industry-wide visibility including conference and media appearances and form the basis for branded content which can be leveraged across multiple digital and traditional marketing channels and customer touch-points.

Survey Design, Questionnaire Development, Research & Management, Analysis & Reporting.

Futurenautics Research has long experience of designing qualitative and quantitative research projects which deliver both strategic insight and marketable, high-impact statistics.

Working closely with clients we are able to create concise and effective questionnaires, both paper based, electronic/web and specifically for telephone interviewing which ensure maximum data capture and response. Respondents are drawn from FR’s extensive contacts and research database within the commercial maritime market which comprises shipping company owner/manager CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, IT Managers, Fleet Superintendents, Security Managers and Technical Managers amongst others.

In addition, thanks to strong relationships with some of the largest crewing agents in the industry we are unique in having conducted the industry standard Crew Communications Survey, which last year had over 3,000 respondents. FR’s database is not sold, nor rented and many of the contacts are personal made over years within the maritime industry. This, together with the deep knowledge and understanding of our interviewers mean the quality of our data is exceptional.

All survey respondents remain anonymous and we are able to design and implement participant incentive programmes where appropriate. All our research complies with appropriate market research codes of conduct. Sample surveys can be conducted both on-line, via telephone and in the field.

Our services include:

  • Defining rationale and objectives Questionnaire development
  • Creation and coding of on-line questionnaires
  • Supervising and conducting fieldwork/telephone interviews
  • Data processing, analysis and presentation
  • Recruitment Moderation and organisation of group discussions/ round tables

At the completion of the survey results are collated and digitised where necessary to enable presentation in electronic format for further analysis and manipulation by clients. FR then provide a top-level briefing for clients covering the initial key findings of the research. Following delivery of the initial/key findings FR undertake a full analysis and interpretation of the survey data. This analysis will be authored as a confidential report for internal use and distribution and will contain the full research findings and conclusions together with recommendations where appropriate.

A presentation of the key findings is also made to provide further additional feedback and clarification on specific areas. For those clients wishing to retain the intelligence for internal strategic purposes, no further dissemination of results take place. However, for those clients wishing to leverage their research investment the multi-platform Futurenautics resources offer a wide range of opportunities for dissemination and editorial coverage where appropriate.

Independent Research

Developed in response to trends and requirements within the shipping and maritime market, and seeking to address gaps in understanding and the need for reliable data, Futurenautics Research also runs a growing programme of independent research.

The scope and focus of these key market study projects is informed by the ongoing contact with the industry which Futurenautics maintains across its editorial, and also commissioned research activities. The object of FR’s independent research programme is to bring data of the highest quality to the wider shipping and maritime industry, not just those who can afford to commission bespoke surveys.

In order to support the independent research programme FR has created advertising opportunities within the research reports, providing exposure for companies and brands, and association with important survey data. For more information about our independent research programme please do contact us.

Strategic Industry Consulting

In addition to producing a variety of market research and insight reports both commissioned and for purchase, Futurenautics Research also work with individual clients in a strategic capacity at board level.

Utilising specialist knowledge of the shipping and maritime market highly experienced senior consultants review and analyse existing and proposed maritime offerings, assisting clients in the development of maritime market oriented strategies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Our understanding of shipping and maritime customers, stakeholders and markets together with the crucial technological, economic and regulatory environment help us to frame strategic market plays and shape product development designed to achieve revenue and business objectives.

Futurenautics regularly work with companies and investors considering entering the maritime market, providing strategic input to business cases and funding proposals alongside corporate finance and other professionals to create fully researched and modelled propositions. We also undertake due diligence work and provide confidential market advice and projections upon request. As an adjunct to a research project or on a standalone basis clients wishing to gain face-to-face feedback from different sectors of the maritime industry may wish to commission focus groups or convene industry roundtables. As part of the Futurenautics platform Futurenautics Research are able to advise on the most effective approach and undertake the organisation and reporting of such groups.